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Sterin Labs is the scientific expert in analyzing pharmaceutical product samples for all types of dosage forms from early-stage drug substances to complex late-stage drug products. We consider the specific needs of your project and your analytical challenge and tailor it tothe most suitable set of cutting-edge analytical strategies and methods.

Our analytical scientists have unmatched know-how in their field and are able to push the limits of what’s possible. We put together a dedicated method development plan tailored to your analytical challenge and include various techniques if desired and where appropriate, to not leave any blind spots in our results.

Formulation development services


Formulation development is a process of utmost importance as it involves developing an adequate preparation and form of a drug, which is both stable and acceptable to the patient.

Analytical Method Development services

Analytical Method

The purpose of analytical method development is to establish the identity, purity, physical characteristics, and potency of drugs, including the drug’s bioavailability and stability.

Pharmaceutical product development

Scale Up/Technology

It is the process by which a developer of technology makes its technology available to commercial partner that will exploit the technology.

stability testing

R&D Stability

Stability testing is a measurement to assure that the drug substance or product is able to maintain its overall quality.

Outstanding Biopharmaceutical Services For All Stages Of Development

Sterin Labs is the expert partner of choice for biopharmaceutical development! We support our clients from early-stage research and preclinical phase to and beyond market approval by providing the right services for your needs including formulation Development, DosageForm, Analytical Services, and Process Capability.

Our highly skilled project teams apply cutting-edge technologies tailored to your development phase. With our collaborative approach, we identify the most suitable study design to provide the best chances of success and to ensure your return on investment.

Reach your development goals faster through science-driven and flexible solutions that align with your global strategy.

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Formulation Services
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